In year 2015, Maksan Engineering, Electrical & Mechanical, Constuction Commitment, Produce and Trade Inc. was established to provide design, consultancy, installation, test & commissioning, operation and maintenance of electromechanical services for different types of construction and industrial facilities. Since its establishment, using the know-how gained from the projects carried out in different geographies and using with the latest innovations of technology, MAKSAN Trade Inc. has become one of the favorite companies of the sector, especially for fast-track projects. Satisfactorily accomplishment of more than 50 projects in 3 continents in the last 7 years is the best indicator of this.

It is Maksan Trade Inc.’s basic goal to achieve customer satisfaction by providing maximum quality, safe & healthy working conditions and by being environmentally sensitive throughout all the projects. At this point, all Maksan Trade Inc. Employees take full responsibility and fully adhere to ethical values, working in compliance with all accepted local, national and international quality standards. Maksan Trade Inc. acts with the awareness that the most important asset to achieve its objectives is human resources. In order to achieve these goals, Maksan Trade Inc. identifies and develops its strategies with its multidisciplinary approach and design & build capabilities by integrating electrical and mechanical disciplines under a single roof.

Within these principles, we continue to serve our esteemed customers who trust and believe in us, keeping the values we believe, while we continue to serve in the excitement of our first day.